working together to create pictures in the garden

“School leadership, including governance, is inspirational and dedicated. Leaders and governors believe strongly that children and families deserve excellence and are determined this school will never stand still. Effective changes ensure teaching and achievement continue to be excellent.”

Ofsted, October 2014


The earliest years of school, when a child takes their first steps from the security of the family into the outside world, are vitally important. Brantfield offers a warm and secure environment that gives the children a perfect start to their school life.

The Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum offered at Brantfield is based on firm principles of early childhood education. Children develop rapidly during the early years, both physically and intellectually, as well as emotionally and socially. They are entitled to a provision which supports and extends learning, understanding, skills and confidence by building on a child’s previous experiences and knowledge. The curriculum encourages each child to develop a positive attitude towards learning and life.

Equal Opportunities at Brantfield.

Our philosophy statement includes:
“Brantfield’s approach provides equal opportunities for all individuals, taking account of their uniqueness, values, abilities, traditions and lifestyles…..”
At Brantfield we pride ourselves on being an inclusive community; we celebrate diversity and provide experiences for all children to learn about local, national and international traditions and events. While supporting children’s developing social skills we promote acceptance, tolerance and respect for all. Any prejudice, discrimination or extremist views expressed by children, staff, visitors or parents will always be challenged.

The Governors have agreed a Single Equality Policy and Scheme, available on request from the office, for all who come to or work at Brantfield.

“Children’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is outstanding. The time spent outdoors quickly fosters an appreciation of nature, opportunities to observe the changes in autumn with wonder and to be fascinated by the smallest creature. Children rapidly learn to work together collaboratively, supporting one another. This is a school with a strong commitment to equality of opportunity, ensuring the needs of all children are met.”

Ofsted, October 2014

Early Years Pupil Premium.

We are able to use this new funding in any way we choose to improve the quality of the early years education that we provide for children. This could include additional training for our staff on early language or supporting our staff in working on specialised areas. This year we are providing additional staffing to work with groups of children supporting their development in for example speech and language.
Some families may qualify for Early Years Pupil Premium (EYPP) depending on their financial situation or if children have been adopted or are in the care of the Local Authority. We are able to receive up to £300 per year for these extra opportunities we can provide. More information about EYPP is provided during home visits.

Children with Additional and Extra Needs.

All children are unique and individual and some children have additional and extra needs including medical, social and educational. Our sensitive and highly skilled staff have much experience of working closely with parents and other professionals to provide the specialised support that may be required in such circumstances. When appropriate we follow the Special Educational Needs and Disability Code of Practice to guide our practice and ensure children’s needs are well met. We have been designated as a Resourced Provision for Early Years and are able to support children and families with a wide variety of needs. Further information can be found within the SEN report on the ‘Governor and Organisational Matters’ page and in our Special Educational and Additional Needs policy which is available from the office.

“Disabled children and those with special educational needs make outstanding progress from their starting points because they are identified early and given careful support that meets their needs extremely well.”

Ofsted, October 2014

Safeguarding at Brantfield.

Our nursery fully recognises its role in protecting and supporting children sensitively and professionally in school. If staff become aware of changes in behaviour or failure to develop they will share these concerns with parents and offer support and guidance and similarly if parents have any concerns you are welcome to come and talk to us. There is a designated safeguarding lead person and all other staff have been trained in child protection procedures. If it is necessary a referral will be made to the Social Care Team within the local authority. More information about safeguarding is provided to parents when children begin attending. Kendal Nursery School has agreed a Child Protection policy which is available in the school office for any parent who wishes to read it.

Supporting children’s developing behaviour at Brantfield.

We are committed to helping all children play and interact with both adults and children in a positive manner. We have a Positive Behaviour policy which guides our support and is available by request from the office. We work very closely with families to support children’s developing behaviour to ensure there is consistency and continuity at both home and Brantfield. Some information about the approaches we use are provided for parents during home visits.

“The behaviour of pupils is outstanding. All staff have very high expectations of how children should behave and spend time expertly supporting children as they learn to be part of a group.”

Ofsted, October 2014