2- 3 year old room @ Brantfield

exploring paint and snow

“Staff are highly skilled, knowledgeable early years practitioners. They deliver a range of excellent activities to support children in all areas of their learning and development. Teaching highly motivates the children and, as a result, they are making exceptionally good progress and are extremely well-prepared for starting school.”

Ofsted May 2013

Kendal Nursery school offers education and daycare for children from the age of 2.

Our 8 strong day nursery staff team provide education and care for children from 8.00am-6.00pm all year round.

There are strong links between the Pre school classrooms and the 2-3 year old room ensuring that children moving between these areas of Brantfield are well supported and happy.

We always have at least 2 staff working in the day nursery with this increasing to 3 or 4 during the day. We take a maximum of 16 children during the morning and afternoon sessions, adjusting the staffing level according to the Ofsted requirements.

Time is charged at £4.00 per hour and is also available throughout school holidays.

Children bring packed lunches and we are happy to heat up meals. We provide a fruit snack in the morning and bread and fruit based snack at about 4.00pm

We aim to foster children’s love of the outdoors in our wonderful garden which children access on a daily basis so inspiring them to develop healthy lifestyles. Brantfield Day Nursery have their own outdoor area, Adam’s Garden, linking to the large shared garden.

We have achieved Healthy School Status and are passionate about the many food based activities we provide for children. Children are always very motivated by cooking and we are careful to provide a balance of healthy baking within our weekly activities.