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March 2016 newsletter.

Dear Parents,

Thank you very much for the feedback you gave us through our questionnaires. I am very pleased to say there were many positive comments which I have shared with staff – it is always great to have their dedication and hard work recognised. The questionnaires have raised a few areas for development which we will address.
We are keen to involve you in your child’s learning and from your comments know that you value the Special Books and the making learning visible displays and the insight these give you about the children’s experiences and learning here at Brantfield. There was a comment about how often the books are updated. This is a constant challenge for us; staff all have PPA time to work on their books but with so many key children it is hard to get them updated as frequently as we would like. On a daily basis the room whiteboards have information about the day’s activities, the children’s interests we are building on and also remind you of future events. The special books are kept in boxes in the classroom as the children frequently get them out to look at, both alone and with friends, to talk about things they have done and enjoyed. You are welcome to go into the classroom at any time of the day & borrow them to take home to share with other family members. If you can’t locate them, please ask someone – they may be being updated but we will always get them to you as soon as possible. Please remember you are always welcome to arrange a specific time to meet with Nicola or Sarah about your child’s progress; just ask them!

There were some comments about how we communicate with you. We have tried various methods and are keen to know which is the best way for us to contact you. We usually use email as this is quick and there is no cost for us, but we are always happy to provide paper copies of letters etc. If this is what you would prefer, just let us know in the office – or send us an email! We will try to give you as much notice of events and visits as possible. There is a cost involved with text communications and so we tend to keep these for emergency closures due to snow, heating problems etc.

We appreciate all your responses as these play a crucial role within our continued developments.
Best wishes

Alyssa Dobbs

Final Thoughts.
May I take this opportunity to thank you all very much for your support and help. Brantfield is a very special place and thrives on the close co-operation and support you give us. Over many years I have been privileged to work with very many fantastic children and families, getting to know you and your children so well and see them thrive and develop. I have numerous very happy memories of my time working with the children, frequently in the garden! I have loved watching them grow and progress, and with children who are now grown (and some with children of their own!) hearing about the many amazing things they have done. This always confirms for me what a special place Brantfield Nursery is and what a wonderful start to children’s lives we provide.
At a point when I am going to spend more time with my own family, I will miss the children, families, staff and governors of Brantfield who have made this part of my life so special.

The governors have appointed Alyssa Dobbs to become to new Headteacher. She is moving to us from a Nursery School and Children’s Centre in Burnley and I know she has the same passion and commitment to early years that I do. Unfortunately Lancashire’s term dates are different to ours and so she is unable to take up her post until 25th April. In the intervening two weeks Nicola and Sarah will be sharing the Acting Headship role.

Thank you very much for all you have done and do to support Brantfield.
With my best wishes for you and your child, the staff, governors and Brantfield for the future,


Term dates 2016-2017.

Autumn Term 2016.
STARTS – Monday 4th September
HALF TERM HOLIDAY – Monday 23rd October to Friday, 27th October
ENDS – Friday 15th December
Number of school days in the term – 70

Spring Term 2017.
STARTS – Thursday 5th January
HALF TERM HOLIDAY – Monday, 20th February to Friday, 24th February
ENDS – Friday 7th April
Number of school days in the term – 62

Summer Term 2017. Good Friday – 14th April
Easter Sunday – 16th April
Early May Bank Holiday – Monday 1st May
STARTS – Monday 24th April
HALF TERM HOLIDAY – Monday, 29th May to Friday, 2nd June
ENDS – Thursday 20th July
Number of school days in the term – 58