Our Garden

Springtime in the garden

“Teachers fully exploit the incredible outdoor environment and promote adventure and imagination. The garden is mature and full of tangled trees and hidden corners. Carefully designed sheds, shelters and a yurt extend the possibilities for learning even further. Children thrive on the innovative and magical opportunities offered. They glow with pride at finding conkers. Gathering apples, moving cautiously past brambles and sitting around a fire add to the special experiences offered.”

Ofsted, October 2014

The garden is used every day to extend and complement experiences provided inside. Children can do things on a much larger scale in our garden – huge pieces of paper to paint on, Sheila’s Beach to dig in and a wonderful environment in which to re-enact ‘We’re Going On A Bear Hunt’!

Children are frequently more relaxed and confident outside and more receptive to learning – what better place to work with your friends building a car or castle?

We have a yurt which provides a wonderful ‘outdoor classroom’ space which is used by groups of children for all sorts of things from responding and moving to music to sharing jacket potatoes and hot chocolate before enjoying a ‘bonfire’ in the garden!