The Wild Side

painting on the Wild Side

The Wild Side area provides forest school opportunities for groups of children and has been thoughtfully developed to give a close focus on learning through the environment. By experiencing learning in a safe and supportive wild environment, children gain a sense of value for the wider, natural world, a sense of responsibility for their environment, in addition to self-esteem, confidence and physical and emotional strength.

“The school’s work to keep pupils safe and secure is outstanding. The physical environment is challenging with stairs inside and outside steep slopes, more steps and logs and trees to climb. Children are taught carefully how to explore the whole area while staying safe. They show each other how to hold on to a fence to get up a slope or work out they need to crawl to move along a tree trunk. Adults watch carefully but have a lot of trust in children. The sense of achievement children feel when accomplishing what they have set out to do is wonderful.”

Ofsted, October 2014