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The Governing Body

“The governing body adds significantly to the strength of school leadership and governors are justifiably proud of how well they know the school. They are very knowledgeable about how children’s learning is helped to develop and the effectiveness of teaching. Information about children’s progress is reviewed and governors know how well children achieve. They are fully involved in assessing the school’s strengths and in discussing possible priorities.”

Ofsted, October 2014

Ofsted confirmed how well the governors know Brantfield Nursery. Not only do they monitor progress but also ensure the safe and smooth running of the nursery. Policies are regularly reviewed and adopted and are available for parents on request from the school office.

The Role of Governors
The governors of Brantfield Nursery play a key role in setting the strategic vision for the nursery. They are kept well informed of developments within early years both locally and national and ensure that Brantfield responds to new initiatives. This is evidenced by their support for the exciting Early Years Hub projects which the nursery has developed in conjunction with Hindpool Nursery School through Queen Katherine Teaching School Alliance.
The governors are very involved in the life of the nursery, they support the various social events with families as well as monitoring the progress of developments within the nursery.

Annual Governance Statement
The Governing Body of Kendal Nursery School has had another very successful year as evidenced by the outstanding judgement for leadership and management in the October 2014 Ofsted inspection. Governors know the school very well and constantly hold the school to account resulting in high outcomes for children, a successful inspection and a positive financial position.
The Governing Body agreed to change the nursery age range making Brantfield a school for 2-4 year olds which means the next Ofsted inspection will look at all aspects of the provision within Brantfield.
The Governing Body carried out a skills audit to ensure the governors are fulfilling their functions as effectively as possible to provide support and challenge to the school; this resulted in a new constitution in September 2015.
In house training has been provided for governors by the Head and knowledgeable governors covering areas such as the EYFS curriculum; System Leadership and CASL/LASL and schemas.
The Chair and Head have met with governors from schools across Kendal Collaborative Partnership (Kendal primary and secondary and special schools) to discuss such topics as admission policies and holiday dates.

How to become a Governor
Within the governing body we try to ensure we have a range of skills which will support the work of the nursery. The current skills include extensive HR experience, knowledge of child protection, health and safety, early years and child development, behaviour therapy and management, knowledge of how children respond to music and dance and international approaches to early years, project management skills, counselling skills and a detailed knowledge of the local community. We are keen to increase the financial skills available to the governing body.
The governing body is made up of 2 parent governors, 1 staff and 1 Local Authority representative and 8 co-opted members.
If you are interested in joining the committed team of governors please contact Brantfield and talk to the Head Teacher of Chair of Governors.

Governing Body Meetings
The full governing body meets termly with the two subcommittees meeting in the preceding weeks. The meetings are in October, February and May each year.

Information about the Governing Body
Kendal Nursery School Governing Body has 13 members. Vivien Kincey is Chair of the Governing Body, the two committees, ‘Curriculum, Staffing, Additional Needs, Safeguarding & Community’ and ‘Finance, Buildings & Health and Safety’ are chaired by Allyson Jenyon and Kate Lund respectively.
Governing Body details.

Governing Body Members and their roles
V Kincey, appointed 18.6.2008 is a co-opted member and attended 100% of meetings last year.
H Peatfield, appointed 19.7.2014 is an Local Authority member and attended 83% of meetings last year.
A Jenyon, appointed 3.2.2014 is a co-opted member and attended 67% of meetings last year.
K Lund, appointed 1.7.2013 is a parent representative and attended 100% of meetings last year.
J Colclough, appointed 23.6.2014 is a parent representative and attended 83% of meetings last year.
M Byrne, appointed 31.12.2011 is a co-opted member and attended 67% of meetings last year.
C Reding, appointed 23.6.2014 is a co-opted member and attended 83% of meetings last year.
J Telford, appointed 23.6.2014 is a co-opted member and attended 100% of meetings last year.
S Carr, appointed 1.2.2013 is a co-opted member and attended 50% of meetings last year.
K Bradbury, appointed 1.1.2015 is a co-opted member and attended 83% of meetings last year.
K Langley, appointed 1.9.2012 was a staff representative and attended 100% of meetings last year.
V Broyd is the headteacher and attended 100% of meetings last year.
New members: N Kitchen, appointed 1.9.2015 is the new staff representative and S Kitching, appointed 1.9.2015 is a co-opted member.

No relevant business, pecuniary or material interests apart from Sue Carr whose husband owns Bruce Carr Electricals and usually undertakes electrical work for Brantfield. Sarah Kitching also has a governance role at a local primary school.

Breaking news

Brantfield Nursery has successfully bid through Queen Katherine Teaching School Alliance for funding to lead a second Early Years Hub project which builds on the work of the first Hub. Through the project practitioners from schools and settings across Cumbria and into Lancashire will have an exciting opportunity to work together to reflect on and develop their practice.

‘Friends of Brantfield’
We are just setting up this group to support the work of Brantfield, please check for more information on their ‘Friends of Brantfield’ Facebook page and on their Brantfield Community page in this website.