Policy Information

“Governors take their responsibilities very seriously and check that all statutory requirements are met. They are very knowledgeable about safeguarding and are confident that the systems in place work well.”

Ofsted, October 2014

Ofsted highlighted how well the Governing Body know the school and ensure it runs smoothly. Governors follow a policy review cycle and adopt policies regularly.

Policies and procedures include:

Learning & Teaching policy – this details our philosophy and approach to supporting young children’s learning;

Safeguarding /Child Protection policy – this details how we fulfil our statutory responsibilities for keeping children safe from harm;

Health and Safety policy – this details how we ensure that Brantfield is a safe environment for children, parents, staff, visitors, contractors and the public;

SEND policy – this details how we identify and work with parents and professionals to support children with additional needs and comply with the requirements of the 2014 SEND Act;

Pay & Performance Management policies – these details the pay structure for teaching staff and the professional support for all staff;

Complaints procedures – this details the steps and time scales for parents or members of the public if they have an unresolved grievance with the school;

Charging and remissions policy – this details when voluntary contributions will be requested to support activities provided for children and when charges will apply;

A Single Equality Scheme – this details Brantfield approach to ensuring all feel welcomed and included in the life of the school;

various HR procedures – these guide the school and governors when handling various staffing matters in accordance with LA recommendations.

Copies of policies are available for parents on request from the school office.