Safeguarding Children

Our school fully recognises its role in protecting and supporting children sensitively and professionally in school.  If staff become aware of changes in behaviour or failure to develop they will share these concerns with you and offer support and guidance.  Alyssa Dobbs is the designated safeguarding Lead in the school for child protection and all other staff have been trained in child protection procedures.  Kendal Nursery School has agreed a child protection policy which is available from the school office for any parent who wishes to read it.  Should there be concerns about a child who may be at risk of harm or neglect these concerns will be discussed with you.  If it is necessary a referral will be made to the Social Care Team within the local authority.

The school has a responsibility to protect children in its care from harm.  To ensure that this responsibility is met all new staff appointed to work at the school are vetted and are interviewed for appointment by trained personnel.