Settling In

Making sure your child is happy and settled at Nursery is very important to us, we know that children only learn when they feelhappy and so time spent on settling in is time-well invested for your child’s security and confidence.

Stay and Play Session

For the first part of our induction process you will be invited to a stay and play session with your child. This is a chance to meet the staff and spend time in your child’s classroom. You will be introduced to your child’s ‘key carer’ who will get to know your child well and will develop a special relationship with them and you.

The Home Visit

Your child’s key carer will come to visit you and your child at home, this will enable them to find out all about your child from the people who know them best. We value Home Visits as they allow us to go through all the information you need and
allow you to ask questions and discuss any issues you want to in the privacy of your own home. Parents always tell us how much their children enjoy and remember their home visit.

Starting School

Some children will confidently walk into Nursery without any support, some will take longer to settle in and may be initially upset… all children are unique, individual and we will work together to make it a smooth process. If your child is upset of course you are very welcome to stay for as long as you and the staff feel is necessary. Once your child is settled, a quick, definite “goodbye” is best, with the reassurance that you will be back soon to see what they have been doing and an explanation of what you will be doing while they are at Brantfield. If your child is upset when you leave, you are always welcome to ring school and find out how they are.

The Key Carer

During your child’s time at Kendal Nursery School their key career will co-ordinate your child’s observations and records in their Special Book. This book will be shared with you regularly but you are welcome to have a look at it any time. You can also talk to your child’s key carer at any time if you have any questions, or to find out how your child is getting on.