Before and Afterschool provision

Additional Hours

At Nursery School we realise many parents are juggling work and other commitments and may need some additional hours for their child.

To help we allow parents to be able to pay for additional sessions on top of the child’s  15 or 30  funded hours or  for full days in the 2 year old room.  We charge £4.25 per hour.

Any extra schools days you require (from 9am – 3pm) will be in the classroom with the staff the child is familiar with.

Breakfast club and Afterschool club can be available as part of your hours or as additional hours should you need them. The clubs often fill up quickly and so we ask you to book in advance if your child needs to access these.

Breakfast club

This runs from 8-9 am and is held in our ‘Children’s Centre Room’ we do offer children some toast and a drink of milk or water on a snack table if your child would like to have some. We don’t charge extra for this snack and so just rely on donations to be able to keep it going for free.

Afterschool club

This runs from 3-6 pm. Between 3 –5pm the older 3-4 year olds are based in our ‘Children’s Centre Room’ and the younger children stay in their classroom upstairs. Then at around 5pm when numbers are smaller all the children join together in the children’s centre room until 6pm when we close. 

Holiday Club

To help meet parental requirements any children who attend the Nursery School can continue their hours over the school holidays. The club runs from 8am— 5.30pm These sessions are offered on a full day rate of: £25.50 for 9am—3pm with any additional hours charged at £4.25 per hour.