Safety and Security

Dropping off and picking up

Please ensure that your children are brought right into the school building and delivered to a member of staff.  Child should be collected by people who are familiar to them and who are known to us.  If on a particular day this is not possible and you are unable to collect your child , please let us know who will be collecting instead, if this is a new adult we have never met we will ask you to give us the full details who the person picking is and we will decide upon a password for the person to use to identify themselves.  We will never let a child go with another adult without prior discussion with the child’s parent/carer.  To ensure your child’s safety we are unable to let your child go home with an older sibling unless we have your prior written permission.

You will appreciate that for safety reasons we are unable to allow any cars to use the school drive at the beginning and end of sessions, however we will accommodate people with mobility issues. If this applies to you, please talk to Alyssa Dobbs or Karen Bradbury.

Mobile phones and photographs

We do not permit anyone to use their mobile phone around the areas where we have children. Please ensure that when you come into Nursery your mobile phone is off and safely stored away.

If we have a special event on such as the Christmas play we ask that parents only take photos of their own children. If you accidently capture a picture of another child please refrain from putting photos on any social media site to respect all parents individual wishes.


If children are not well they are better off at home, whatever they may say!  There is no quiet, comfortable place in school for a sick child to rest.  Please could you notify school if your child will not be attending, letting us know the cause so we can inform other parents if necessary.  If we suspect your child is ill, we will contact you by telephone.  Please let us have ’emergency’ telephone numbers.

As a general rule, children who have been prescribed medicines e.g. antibiotics, are recovering from an illness and are not well enough to come to school.  We are not qualified to give medicine to children at nursery. However children with long term medical conditions, e.g. asthma, may need treatment and in such cases parents will be asked to sign a form giving permission for staff to administer medication, e.g. inhalers.


Minor cuts and bruises are fairly frequent with young children and are dealt with by the staff. Anything more serious is referred to you, and recorded in the Accident book.  Should your child need a doctor or hospital treatment, we use your ’emergency’ telephone number to contact you.  Doctors and hospitals prefer a parent to be present when giving treatment.  In order for us to contact you via text in case of an emergency closure due to weather, flu pandemics etc. please will you provide us with a mobile phone number.