Values & Ethos

Everyone deserves the Brantfield experience.




Our Ethos:

The staff and Governors of Kendal Nursery provide an inclusive school which welcomes all children. We intend that every child will have equal opportunity to develop their full potential through the continuity of indoor and outdoor learning. This is achieved through:

  • a broad and balanced Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum, which enables each child to develop holistically.
  • quality learning experiences through appropriate active learning based on play and communication.
  • ensuring every child has an equal opportunity to develop their full potential.
  • following children’s passions and interests to identify individual children’s paths of learning and their achievements.
  • celebrating the joy and wonder of life-long learning in the outdoor environment.

The school promotes:

  • respect and tolerance for each other through co-operation and partnership;
  • well-being, self-esteem and develop confidence to enable children to become interactive learners through the support of their key carer and other staff;
  • happiness and an enthusiasm for lifelong learning to allow all individuals the opportunity for self-expression;
  • well-being, through respecting and valuing all children for their own qualities, individualities and achievements

Our image of the Child at Brantfield:

We aim to provide an integrated, flexible service that fosters and promotes children’s development in line with the principles of the Early Years Foundation Stage, the characteristics of effective learning and our image of the child. These principles celebrate the importance of the unique child, promoting positive relationships, providing an enabling environment and learning and development. At Kendal Nursery School we believe that all children are unique. The following statements encapsulate the qualities we wish to support children to become: